Macanese Sawdust Pudding (Serradura)

"Whilst the most popular dessert in Macau is undoubtedly Pudim (creme caramel) the simplest one to make is Serradura which means, literally, (in Portuguese) "Sawdust". It's ridiculously simple, disgustingly fattening and sufficiently intriguing to get your dinner guests pondering over the ingredients.

We halved the recipe.
6 x 175 g tins of Nestle cream
1 x 400 g can of condensed milk
Per serving -- 1 finely crushed plain biscuit (we blasted about 10-12 arrowroot biscuits and generously applied on top)

Empty all cans into a bowl and beat with a wire whisk or electric mixer till they are completely combined. You should have a very thick creamy mixture.

Blast the biscuits in a blender or crush with a rolling pin. Spoon the cream into individual bowls and sprinkle the biscuit crumbs (the "sawdust") on top.

Serves 6 - 8 people but this depends upon the size of your bowls and how generous you feel. You can also serve it up in a large bowl like a trifle but I really think that individual bowls are better as you get more of a "sawdust" effect."

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